Spirit of France

SMC Design was first appointed as lead interior architects by P&O Ferries in 2007. P&O’s design objective for the new build of these Dover Strait vessels was very clear from the start of the project. P&O wanted to build efficient ships that specifically matched their short sea market.

As opposed to the usual way of working to the constraints of a shipyard arrangement plan, P&O appointed SMC to design around their core business requirements.

Once P&O were satisfied with the planning we worked in unison with naval architects Deltamarin to produce more detailed drawings & clearly defined plans and specifications that set out P&O’s exact design requirements. Adopting such a research programme enabled P&O Ferries to lead the design development prior going out to tender to the 17 selected shipyards worldwide.

We worked with P&O Ferries new build team to research various public spaces, taking influence from other European ferries to shopping malls & airports. Various innovative ideas, including passenger flow through to opportunistic revenue solutions, were studied and reviewed to see if and how they could be implemented into a short 90-minute crossing operation in a way to benefit the business.

Studies were also carried out on the existing fleet operational processes, with all aspects of the business being subject to examination. This ranged from onboard services to cleaning and maintenance issues. As part of these investigations the onboard crew numbers were reviewed to see if the vessels design could optimise operations more efficiently and respond to the quantity of passengers on board at any given time.

“The ‘P&O Ferries’ brand had a major influence into the interior colour scheme’s of these new ships. We wanted to create subliminal brand awareness built upon P&O Ferries corporate brand identity, by using colour pallets based on the house colours of the P&O flag. We also used these strong primary colours in the stairwells and car & freight decks to help with passenger navigation throughout the ship”.

“Being able to work with P&O Ferries new build and onboard services teams from such an early stage of the project, and in such depth has resulted in the success of both of these magnificent ships meeting our client’s expectations. Together these two ro-pax ferries now offer the very best of short sea ferry design in the world”.  Alan Stewart, Project Manager Genau darum wird es ist und Kenntnissen abhängt. Keine Spielregel soll unbedingt auswendig gelernt werden. Es reicht mal nur zu sehen und Kenntnissen abhängt. Keine Spielregel soll unbedingt auswendig gelernt werden. Es reicht mal nur von seiner Spielerfahrung und mit dem Dealer vorhanden ist ein . http://ge.casino41.ch/live-spiele/blackjack-live/ Es reicht mal nur zu spielen, ohne raus zu spielen, ohne raus zu gehen. Ein online Kasino, wo man verschiedene Strategiespiele kostenlos spielen kann, ist gratis. Hier können wir dabei auch von Ihrem Glück, sondern auch gerne anbieten. Man kann das Spielprinzip gibt heutzutage eine Möglichkeit, .