(EN) Posted: 26 三月, 2021

(EN) Designing with intelligence, and how to leverage those insights that improve an owner’s investment and guest experience.

(EN) With an extensive and carefully curated
portfolio Director Alan Stewart reflects on how SMC Design uses its knowledge to perfect the balances between spaces, benefiting both the owners investment and guest experience.

(EN) Our client list is currently larger than it’s ever been and we’ve had working relationships with some of our repeat clients for more than 20 years. This is largely down to our industry
experience and our ability to design for a wide array of
passenger demographics appealing to various target markets.

To maximise the benefit of that experience for today’s
clients, SMC Design applies new technologies to our wealth of design data. The database now covers more than 60
newbuild vessels and 80 refurbishment projects. We can use this valuable data, collated over the last 30 years, with
technologies such as parametric planning, to provide
comparative data analyses and give shipowners the
confidence they need for their design projects.

(EN) Viking Ocean Cruises has benefited from a comprehensive area analysis that has allowed the platform to be fully optimised for maximum efficiency.

The company’s ability to leverage its data has enabled us to surge ahead in providing intelligent design – and ensure a healthy return for clients. SMC has the ability to ensure the area allocated to each functional space is intelligently
optimised and rationally justified from the perspective of both the passenger experience and the owner’s investment. We use parametric CAD analysis to streamline various grades of cabins and suites to achieve perfection. By using this optimisation work at the beginning of a project, we can accurately predict for owners whether a project is a
worthwhile investment.

SMC Design may be riding high on the success built over the past 30 years, but this dynamic approach to design has
always been about forward motion. Looking ahead,
intelligent, innovative design is not simply an aspiration for the company; it’s a commitment.

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