(English) Interiors

(English) SMC continues to produce diverse and unique interior design solutions for our international client portfolio. It is our ability to understand and develop a client’s individual brand identity and unique style that we consider our greatest responsibility.

We find our creative inspiration in both historic, current and future design trends, creating designs that are relevant, timeless and engaging. We are committed to providing exceptional design solutions to our clients, design that we truly believe in that represents our passion and commitment to our profession.

Working closely with the FF&E, Art Consultancy and Graphics Departments, our holistic approach results in considered and cohesive design. The outcome is always a genuine team effort, something a client values greatly. It is our ability to creatively weave the different design elements together that results in a genuinely considered overall design solution.
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(English) FF&E is fundamental in bringing a scheme together. We work hand-in-hand with the other design departments to make sure that the finer details – such as material finishes, fabrics, lighting and ironmongery, work cohesively and complement each other perfectly.

The FF&E department offers clients a wealth of knowledge as a result of the team’s expertise in researching, developing and sourcing the finest fixtures, fittings and equipment that enhance an interior. Maintaining good relationships with our suppliers is key to our role as it is these relationships that enable us to be competitive, manage budgets and meet deadlines.

Whether it’s Italian marble, French glassware or British slate, we know where to go and who to speak to. Our clients expect the highest quality across every element of an interior and know that with SMC, any issues will be solved quickly and efficiently without their involvement.

(English) Branding

(English) The graphics department are integral to any new build or refurbishment project. Our role is to either, interpret and work with existing brand guidelines or to create a new brand or visual identity that will integrate seamlessly into a unique interiors space. The design brief varies from project to project, but our expertise spans naming, logo design, signage, wayfinding and printed graphic communications.

We value a close working relationship with the client during the initial design concept stage of a project to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of their brand and the creative brief. We work alongside the Interiors, Art Consultancy and FF&E departments to make sure that the look and feel of any graphic design is consistent with the style, colour and textures of the interior. Our holistic approach ensures that a scheme hangs together perfectly.

Production is also integral to our role. This includes liaising with manufacturers and making sure specifications are correct and aligned with the project budget. We are always on site when the scheme goes live making sure any signage and graphics are in the right place and of the highest quality.
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(English) Artwork

(English) SMC Art Consultancy works both in close collaboration with SMC Design and independently with a breadth of other architects. Our job is to commission and source unique artwork from around the world for a variety of projects, from large-scale marine environments to small personal commissions. Our knowledge of the art world, coupled with practical experience makes us invaluable to any interiors project.

Both our professional contacts and reputation within the art world are paramount. We have amassed an impressive portfolio of global artists and galleries and attend the latest exhibitions, gallery openings and degree shows to keep on top of emerging talent. We believe in the importance of working with local talent when possible and travel globally to seek out any new and exciting work.

On any project, it is our responsibility to understand a client’s existing brand when proposing new artwork. Key details such as a brand’s colour palette, a client’s customer demographic or a style of art they favour personally, all need to be factored in. We also endeavour to seek out and propose innovative and thought-provoking artwork techniques and media, weaving a compelling narrative to each individual piece and artwork collection.

We offer a complete service that includes procurement, budget management, accounts, logistics, insurance, licensing, art handling and installation.

For more information, visit our website: www.smc-artconsultancy.com.
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