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As a pure prototype vessel, SMC were responsible as sole architect for all facets of the design. From concept, to design, artwork and branding, we offered leadership and creativity to deliver what was the first Asia-specific cruise ship since Superstar Leo.

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Naming Ceremony

Silk Road & Cabaret

A one-of-a-kind entertainment lounge that celebrates the glamour of old Shanghai, fused with classical European elegance. The Silk Road and Cabaret Lounge combines avant garde design and luxurious amenities, inspired by influential art deco artist and designer Erté.  Here guests can enjoy compelling, contemporary artworks which include motifs relating to wealth, prosperity and good fortune, key overarching themes within the Genting Dream art collection.
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Dream Palace

Pioneering the ‘ship within a ship’ concept, the Dream Palace design honours the brand’s culture of quality, tradition and luxury. Found here is one of the most striking installations within the ship, the sinuous ‘Ba’ chandelier - a crystal glass ribbon suspended dramatically in space. The fine dining restaurant feels understated, with a creamy gold palette enlivened by striking patterns and vibrant upholsteries. A key design feature includes a communal open kitchen chef’s table that encourages a more engaging dining and drinking experience. In the VIP Living Room, shell artwork by Blott Kerr Wilson can be found, with the rippling surface of the pieces echoing the ever-changing state of the sea outside.
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Each deck is outfitted with tropical hardwood detailing and specially commissioned landscape mural artworks, creating a sense of premium quality. Rich colours punctuate the space producing a wholly uplifting feeling. Offering the best views of the ocean, during the day the atmosphere is inviting and calm, with planting screens providing enclosed seating areas for passengers to escape to.  As the day progresses into night the space transforms to a place for cocktails and socialising
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Japanese Restaurant

Taking inspiration from Japanese mokutō architecture, Umi Uma’s design and interior integrates perfectly into the ship environment. Appropriately sourced materials such as Hinoki cypress and monolithic granite add an additional layer of authenticity, reinforced by the artwork, depicting Japanese warrior scenes portrayed in Ukiyo-e style.
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For the hotel public spaces, three design pillars were adopted throughout: quality, luxury and craftsmanship.  These support the overall brand message and set the tone of what to expect on the rest of the ship. Delivering a complete guest experience meant that this first view of Genting Dream needed to be carefully considered and curated, from the SMC-created branding and wider interior design, to the specially commissioned artwork.
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BAR 360

The heart of the ship, Bar 360 captures the spirit and energy of Dream Cruises. From the balcony of several decks, passengers can view entertainment performances while enjoying a drink or two. A triple-height artwork travels up behind the staircase. Specially designed by feature artist Jacky Tsai, this work continues to fruition the story of the astronaut and mermaid, begun on the hull of the ship.
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Food Federation

Food federation offers an authentic street food experience, bringing George Town to Dream Cruises. Eclectic furniture and fittings give the sense that the space has evolved over time. Artwork adds to this feel, with vintage Chinese furniture dismantled and repurposed into wall art collections, coloured fabric noren hanging from the ceiling, and lightboxes with bright, amusing inserts.


The club exterior offers spectacular views of the ocean; the design, a quiet escape for passengers throughout the day.  At night the area transforms into an energetic ‘rooftop’ cocktail bar and club, offering guests a place to mingle over drinks and live musical entertainment and DJs.


Crystal Life Spa is a luxury global spa brand with exacting high standards of design. Through the use of intrinsic materials such as marble and rose gold, muted colour and pattern, the brand identity and interior design seamlessly blend. Sculpted fabric artwork by Helen Amy Murray behind reception adds to the feel of quiet luxury, with the entire effect of the scheme offering passengers a thoroughly calming mood.
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SMC created a bespoke range of characters for the Little Pandas Kids Area, which are shown through the wall designs in the area. These characters were then incorporated by Dream Cruises into its marketing strategy, featured in brochures and advertisements, and even realised as plush toys. The area is a prime example of where art and brand have seamlessly combined.
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Natural and warm finishes, a simple material palette, rich timbers and expressive punctuating colours are all used throughout to create a comfortable, relaxed environment, in a sense, a home away from home.
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An extension of the opulence of the Dream Palace, the suite designs have been elevated to offer a depth and richness above anything else found on board. The overall palette is moodier and more masculine than the other accommodations – shades of gold and reds have been chosen, set against a stylish mixture of neutrals.  Spaces are further elevated by a diverse range of artwork, traditionally Asian in technique and style, but thoroughly contemporary and appropriate to the space.
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