• The Britannia Lounge



  • Saga Cruises

Signature space with a long history on Saga vessels, this multifunctional entertainment space boasts 270º panoramic views. At the forward part, underneath a uniquely arranged light fixture featuring Melt pendants lights by Tom Dixon, is the dancefloor area, with a stage backdrop that takes design cues from the Festival of Britain. Flanked by mid-century furniture sat upon a carpet design illustrating the traditional waft and weave of carpet manufacturing, this area also boasts artwork and sculptures that are inspired by the ship’s form itself.

My work focuses in on architectural detail, looking at forms, tone, pattern and colour found within buildings and in this case the ship. It is about finding beauty in the seemingly mundane.

Kate Jackson, Artist

A comfortable variety of seating options sits above an intricately designed carpet, echoing the craft and skill required in the traditional carpet manufacturing process. Intertwining layers of navy blue and dark beige interspersed with a rusty tan colour showcase the waft and weave element of the carpet design.

Liz Richardson, Senior Designer/Project Manager

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