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Greeting passengers as they board Spirit of Discovery, this bar and lounge area offers an introduction to the vessel. A boutique hotel feel is conveyed through contemporary furniture and eclectic artwork, transforming from a café by day to a sociable bar and entertainment space by night. The area is also home to ‘This Scepter’d Isle’, a 12-metre bronze relief designed in-house by SMC Art Consultancy, filled with motifs celebrating British landscape and achievements.

'"This Scepter'd Isle"
The artwork design takes us on a journey through the British Isles. Recognisable elements, both natural, and British-made are included, from the white cliffs of Dover to the Angel of the North, from Giles Gilbert Scott’s red telephone box to the Forth Bridge: all inviting the passenger to look closer, discovering more and more on each viewing. It is a celebration of everything our Scepter'd Isles have to offer.
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