Posted: 1 October, 2021

How ‘Brand’ empowers people’s engagement

How it has evolved and transformed the guess experience on board cruise ships.

Brand values have always been a key component in creating the ultimate vacation experience. Evolving and moving the ‘Brand’ in the right direction is integral to a client’s brief, as it enables them to diversify and stand out from the crowd. By interweaving stories from the brands past with a future vision they are able deliver a guest experience like no other.
‘Brand’, however subtle, can be integrated into the design of a vessel right from an architectural detail, down to a simple colour, texture or pattern. A good example of this can be seen on board the QM2. Steeped in 175 years of rich history and inspired by the art deco movement, the carpet in the main atrium interprets this heritage perfectly in a contemporary way.
Another fantastic example of this is on board the Saga Cruises new build, Spirit of Discovery: a vessel which celebrates everything British. Upon walking into the main atrium space stands a vertical sculptural wall relief, designed in house by SMC, which depicts motifs, patterns, landscapes and literature from all over the British Isles.
‘Brand’ also has an emotional and physical impact on the guest experience. As people, we interact, react, and interpret shape and form, colour and texture, in many different ways, giving us each a unique experience. Playing on people’s senses is a vital part of the brand and can be delivered in many ways, one being taste. Taste can re-connect you with a brand and remind you of a certain place or time onboard a vessel. The interaction between crew and passenger also contributes to the brands tone of voice, for example in the way crew are dressed and how they connect with their passengers. Some cruise ships offer a service which is informal and relaxed while others may opt for a more high-end level of service. A great example of this can be seen onboard Cunard’s flagship vessel, the Queen Mary 2. ‘Brand’ will always be at the heart of a company and will always be challenged in an everchanging industry. With so much competition in the market it is more important than ever to be forward-thinking and distinctive while staying true to the brand to create guest experiences like no other.
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