Posted: 3 March, 2022

Intelligent Design

Managing Director Andy Yuill explains how intelligent design underpins the success of a project

In shipbuilding the schedule drives the project forward – you simply cannot let a deadline slip, A rigid process with a tight schedule allows SMC to fulfil its ultimate promise to clients: to deliver on time and within budget, while still leaving ample time for creativity to flourish.

Building information modelling (BIM) is revolutionising design and how we deliver projects. For architects, BIM has the potential to optimise our creativity while reducing risk within the design and construction process, thus giving us a more significant level of control over design and ultimately the realisation of the project.
As part of our intelligent design approach we analyse three primary statistics – fleet size, passenger demographic and the cabin mix. By applying parametric planning to this and other data we can accurately model the revenue return on different cabin combinations to optimise profitability for the owner. We remain fully engaged with the client throughout this process. During this first phase, SMC builds a strategy for how passengers will engage with both the individual spaces and the ship as a whole. In stage one we work through the entire general arrangement (GA) – there’s no design yet, it’s all about process; areas, positions and passenger flow. We’re doing it much more intelligently now, using data to manipulate space planning and use.
It’s a while before anyone picks up a pencil. If the design principles aren’t set at the very beginning, then there’s little to bolt our ideas to. Communication is paramount because you have to build up a phased narrative until you’ve reached a full set of design principles. You can’t say you’re going to design a lounge without asking why. Everything you design has to fulfil a purpose for the ship. This ensures that when we sit down to design the space, we all know exactly what we’re working towards. SMC Design has taken its craft far beyond its renowned fresh and creative output: we have made interior design a science with a formula that drives profit for both the company and the cruise lines.
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